Chanyeol dating scandal

chanyeol dating scandal

Chanyeol dating scandal are

In series of photos, Chanyeol is seen looking at the direction of Joy while his superior and hyoung Heechul is playing around with her.

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Chanyeol initially looks at the direction of Joy until he realizes Heechul is gone and Joy looks back towards Chanyeol. But chanyeol dating scandal Heechul comes back to JoyChanyeol is seen taking steps back to take scajdal picture with another member.

chanyeol dating scandal

By looking at these awkward interaction between the two, the fans and netizens have speculated that some type of relationship has formed between EXO Chanyeol and Red Chanyeol dating scandal Joy. Then, he tells Suho who was next to them chwnyeol and makes fun of Joy together. But if you take a closer look at the photos, Chanyeol is seen continuously looking somewhere as if he was bothered. chanyeol dating scandal

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Chanyeol was seen playing around with Baekhyun but still kept looking somewhere. You only forgave baekyun after he broke up with taeyeon.

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International fans dont understand you but i do. So what is taking you so long? Are you encouraging fans to make this guy miserable?

chanyeol dating scandal

Idk anything hook up with cheaters EXO but thinking he had to apologize for followimg a random person on IG is insanity. Can ge breath without permission or do fans have chanyeol dating scandal say in that too?

They act like they own him. He has his own life, and soon, he will become a married man too. So please chanyeol dating scandal meddling with his personal issues. Just be happy on his decision. EXO's Chanyeol graces the cover of 'The Celebrity' It seems like Chanyeol couldn't sit back and watch the fans' anger and uproar continue any longer, as the idol took to his Instagram to clear up any misunderstandings he may have caused.

On March 11, Chanyeol wrote the following on his Instagram: It has to be right? Nov 1, Messages: Katalvay07HeejunOnTheFloorkayenguyen and 7 others like this.

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chanyeol dating scandal

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