Matchmaking taking so long lol

matchmaking taking so long lol

Matchmaking taking so long lol Gold Diggers Allowed

I wouldn't want ranked matches being filled with people from casual or vice versa.

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Sorry, I didn't get that across very well. Is that what you are suggesting? I think they may have more servers dedicated for casual matchmaking as more people play that. So my thinking is that ranked is just stuck with too many players. Define forever please, wait time is very subjective. Sometimes it's just bad timing, if you play at unusal times not as many players the game simply can't find a good matchup in rank, ping as well as team composition.

Simply because the higher in rank you are, the fewer opponents you have to be matched with. What would you prefer: I'm coming from CSGO where its solid best opening lines for dating profiles matching people in your skill group. I tried matchmaking taking so long lol Ranked here a few days ago and matchmaking taking so long lol threw me in with a team of people lower than 20, against a duo premade, with the entire team being over lvl s and ALREADY having what appears to be maatchmaking high rank.

We took a few steps from spawn logn already got matchmaiing up from windows I can't even see into Any survivors and their whole team will rush outside into a blood thirsty manhunt. Went back to CSGO for the rest of that maychmaking. So could be they're.

matchmaking taking so long lol

Matchmaking in Ranked takes awhile because everyone who should be playing Ranked is playing Casual instead and being lon babies and whining about their teammates. Matchmaking taking so long lol there's nobody playing it. My 4 man team of silvers and a bronze with a glitched rank won 10 or so rounds in a row and didn't rank up got pried with a copper and backed out, only to pair with the poor guy mtachmaking more times.

This has happened a few times with different people.

matchmaking taking so long lol

I frequently play with 2 or 3 premade - we got 5 matches straight last night, no trouble. US, East Coast Teammates and opponents swapped every time. By default, ranked will take longer as is cousins dating illegal has algorithms in place to at least attempt to make a fair match despite failing more often than not.

On top of that, less people play ranked. Between matchmaking taking so long lol experiences of exploiters to people screaming "hax" at anyone with matchmaking taking so long lol decent kdr in forums like this, people avoid it.

There's people like me who don't want to play ranked because they actually enjoy the random nature of spawns in casual. There's people also like me who simply don't see any point in playing ranked as it doesn't get you anything extra except a meaningless shiny icon. Casual is almost instant, but Ranked really takes forever.

One of the way to proof test the Ranked matchmaking is by having 6 people, including you, to press Ranked together and see if you guys match up with each other. That way, we can see if it's server problem or really just no people playing ranked.

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matchmaking taking so long lol

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This is an archived post. You won't be able to vote or comment. Plus rank has a smaller player base. NEU server it the quickest for me. WEU matchmaking taking so long lol is laggier and takes longer to find people.

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PC master race, dude. What rank you mean? I'm low gold USEast, and it takes minutes to find a match solo. Playing on Xbox One in Australia: It's not instant, but it doesn't take that long to find a match. And I bet once a game is found, matchmaking taking so long lol will quit in the beggining and I will have to wait another 15 minutes to find another game I've been in queue twice today for 15 minutes apiece before I requeue'd.

I have been encountering this problem for days now. I'm about to just play HoN I think, at least there I can still find a game with relative ease. Welcome to the Matchmaking taking so long lol Archive!

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What's taking so long? Comment below rating threshold, click here to show it. It's cool waiting 15 minutes and still having q dodgers anyway. I haven't matchma,ing able to get in a game for the past 2 hours.

matchmaking taking so long lol

I want something to compensate.

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