Dating a nurse reddit

dating a nurse reddit

Dating a nurse reddit this day

I work in a very small specialized ICU. I've casually 'dated' a couple of my co-workers at one time or another.

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Sunday world dating includes sleeping together and whatnot. It never interfered with work, even when it 'ended'.

Hell, the two people I've casually dated are like best friends. Slept with them both during that time, and we all still hang out frequently and whatnot. Its a perfect recipe for shit like what I mentioned above. Datng night ended up with 4 of our staff dating a nurse reddit skinny dipping in the ocean.

We have phenominal coping methods, as you can see haha. Personally, I don't do it. Having dipped my pen in the company ink before I got into nursing, I know the repercussions it can have.

dating a nurse reddit

I've had nurses that I work with that were interested in me as well. I just tell them I don't date coworkers. With that said, I have seen one couple who got married and they worked together.

No one really cared. Whatever you choose, good luck. I'm a Nurse Assistant that has done this. There is definitely a lot of gossip that goes on between your other coworkers.

Things went bad in the relationship after about a year. We're still able to work together on the same unit, but it definitely wasn't easy right away and I have a feeling most people wouldn't be able to do it.

I would not recommend doing it, but if you decide to do it, atleast make sure they work on a different unit to save you trouble if things do go bad. Dating a coworker always means taking a risk with your job and your work environment.

There is a high chance that there will be gossip, plus a medium chance that the relationship will end dating app iphone deutsch cause bad feelings and drama dating a nurse reddit work, plus a low chance of HR eventually hearing accusations that wind up getting one or both dating a nurse reddit you fired.

If you really like the person, and they feel there same, and you're both willing to risk those consequences, then go for it. It might work out. But if you're just casual about the whole thing and you don't want those risks, go find someplace else to dip your pen.

It's frowned upon no matter where you work, because of what happens when shit goes bad.


At the very least, I'd hope you all work on different units. If you work on the same unit, I wouldn't chance it for just "hanging out casually". I've never done it. However anecdotally speaking my ICU does have 2 married couples dating a nurse reddit of which met and got married through the unit and one that are dating long-term and they don't seem to be having any issues.

dating a nurse reddit

I actually see the people that are together making it work by keeping reddig from each other at work. They all probably interact less than anyone else.

We dating a nurse reddit in the same Dating a nurse reddit. Been together for 2 years and getting married in September. All depends on the type of people you are and if you can free pittsburgh dating sites adults if it ends poorly.

I would have left the department if it ended and I was prepared to do that. Similar situation for me. We worked the same unit, perfectly professional rating work, in fact we loved working together just for moral support psych you know. When I left that unit we continued our relationship and are married and expecting a baby soon. I honestly think it helped that we knew each other's work environments and could support each other.

Define "at my work" - is that the same unit? Exactly how close would you be working?

dating a nurse reddit

Some people met each other at work whereas others met each other outside of work or whilst they were at school. Also lots of couples that moved to dating a nurse reddit area and got work at the same hospital.

I wouldn't date someone that works permanently on my unit, but someone in a different area or even dating a nurse reddit it was someone like a junior doctor that was coming to the end of their rotation on my unit before moving onto the next area or someone that works in an area that I attend on a irregular basis then yeah go for it.

To act like nurses are sooooo far below us because they took a different career path - who cares.

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It's a shitty attitude. I dating a nurse reddit a lab manager, which included supervising the med students who came in to do summer projects. Med dating a nurse reddit are not charming from the other side. Well that is a shitty generalization lol. Reading that makes me think that you either got lucky, go to a super low tier school, or just really don't know what it takes to get into med school.

I would say most of the people in my class and in classes at schools more selective than mine are smart with common sense; otherwise they wouldn't be where they are. I also don't think op of that comment was saying nurses are beneath us; it's just guessing maybe incorrectly that few nursing students could handle Med school.

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Might be a shitty thing to say off the bat publicly, but it isn't wrong just because 'oh in fact med students are dumb with no self awareness'.

Dating a nurse reddit did get lucky, because I am in med school and thousands of qualified applicants get turned away every year. I go to a good school, a much better school than I ever thought I'd end up at again with the luck. We all have our off days. I'm not going to argue this point.

dating a nurse reddit

It is my opinion that even datting people have blind spots, lapses in judgment, and are sometimes revdit really bad at real life. In my opinion it is the height of arrogance to think that we're above that because we're med students. I don't agree with your final statements, but the rest is spot on. For sure anyone can be bad at life and medical school will not save you from those inadequacies; but I don't believe that is what the other commenter was suggesting, let alone that you can assume this datkng be true for most med students.

I mean sure, there'll be med students who think nurses are "below them" - but those people are idiotic pieces of shit. As for being lonely in med school: That's dating a younger woman quotes true, at least for me.

But this is dating a nurse reddit more a personal issue I feel, depending on how much of your social life you allow to be taken away from you. I just dating a nurse reddit know how to meet girls if they're not in medical school?

Tinder, Bumble, and coffee meets bagel just dont give that many matches where my med school is. And sometimes it's about you and your profile. Girls have almost unlimited options when it comes to online dating so it's important to have picture that make you look interesting and exciting. A profile blurb that's witty and nonchalant and interests that make someone want to talk to you. Make sure you're maximizing your own perceived value before rdddit lack of matches on location.

Saying redit a Med student doesn't really get anyone moist. Saying your a doctor in training who travels to exotic places and hikes around matchmaking services in hawaii world while rescuing kittens does. And never forgot the golden rule of dating, embellish and lie until they finally fall for you and the you let the whole facade come crashing down and then they can't leave because dating a nurse reddit love you already.

Therein lies the problem. The usual answer would be: Find a hobby where you meet new people, do some extracurricular activities - but let's be dating a nurse reddit, who's got the time for that at least I certainly don't. So online dating would be next best thing but it doesn't seem to work out for you.

Honestly, I'm as much at a loss as you are. I would love to get into a relationship, maybe especially with someone who isn't in med school just so life does not entirely revolve around medicine, as it is now - but I neither have the time nor any ideas on how to go on about this.

During my 3rd year orientation, we were specifically warned not to engage in any interpersonal relationships aka dating with any staff until after we graduate due to "professionalism. I don't usually walk the floors trying to pick up nurses, but they have definitely flirted with me before. I hooked up with a scrub nurse that I met at a bar, but our conversation started because she knew me from the ddating. Tinder wise though, I love nurses and nursing students because you can dating a nurse reddit medical pick up lines, and yes being a medical student does get you girls when you can charm them by being smart.

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