Carter and max hook up

carter and max hook up

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As if Carter didn't already have enough guilt, Taylor inadvertently provided an extra helping when her wayward sib arrived home that night.

During a conversation in the kitchen, Tay apologized for not supporting Carter's decision to visit Lori and, in effect, not having her back. And that obviously wasn't the only sister code broken that night. So let's break middle eastern dating rules down, shall we? On one hand, it looks like Carter really screwed up and has every reason to feel guilty. After all, it's obvious Tay still holds a torch for Max -- so much so, we were sure Maxlor would reunite any day now.

And what kind of girl sleeps with the man her sister loves? Carter and max hook up also insists that everyone show up to therapy, which infuriates Carter even more. Taylor begins to resent Carter re-entering their lives, as she is jealous of Carter's growing bond with Gabe and her "cooler" lifestyle. Grant is becoming attached to Carter and is afraid that she will leave them some day soon for her life back with Lori.

After a night of intense partying, Carter lands in the hospital. To get back at Elizabeth for constantly setting new boundaries in her life, Carter starts to hang out with Crash, a juvenile delinquent whom she met at the police station.

Elizabeth tries to get her to date Max instead. On the flip side, Carter's relationship with her father becomes stronger. Carter and max hook up, Gabe, Bird, and Ofe do some research on Lori's aliases in hopes of locating her for Carter. They find someone, but carter and max hook up eventually leads to a dead-end. However, at the end of the episode, Lori is shown watching Carter hug her father from afar.

Carter and Bird have a fall-out because of a disturbing portrait that Bird created of Carter.

carter and max hook up

Max decides to leave the Wilsons and on his way out of town, he runs into Lori, who tells him carter and max hook up she has farter keeping tabs on Carter's family and is almost ready to get her back so they can runaway together. Meanwhile, David hoko Elizabeth are at odds over whether or not they can afford to buy Carter and Taylor a car. Carter and max hook up David buys a car anyway, Elizabeth is forced to ask her parents for help and also resumes her affair with Kyle, with the intent of ending it with her husband for good.

Max later returns to town and when he asks Carter summer winter hookup settings Lori, Carter forgets who she was for a minute and panics. In hopes of finding Lori, Carter decides to spend some time with Elizabeth to learn a thing or two about policework. Knowing about the affair, David wants to divorce Elizabeth and cannot cash in a large check for his book until he does so.

Also, Carter takes Taylor to the sanctuary, where she learns to kiss during a game of spin the bottle.

carter and max hook up

She also gives into her feelings for Max. Later, Lori approaches Max outside of the Wilson home and he tells her that Carter isn't her daughter and that he has to tell the family that she has been stalking them.

Before he finishes his speech, however, Lori has disappeared once again. Carter decides to pursue a relationship with Crash, against the advice from her friends wnd family.

Max Wagner

She learns about his rough upbringing and when she finds out that he is set to spend a minimum of three years in prison, he suggests that they run away together. Carter instead wants him carter and max hook up face his problems head-on. Meanwhile, Taylor accepts a date with Gabe, only for both of them to realize that they could never be more than just friends. She later decides to meet Max, who is distracted because Lori is back.

Carter and Lori reunite, with Lori giving her instructions to leave the Wilsons. Also, David is onto Elizabeth's affair. Carter and Taylor celebrate their 17th birthday on the same day that Carter plans to run away with Lori.

carter and max hook up

Taylor and Max try to convince her not to leave, while Crash wants to leave with her. Meanwhile, Grant and Gabe overhear Elizabeth and Kyle talking about their affair. At the end of the day, Carter chooses to stay with her real family and tells David about Lori. He and Elizabeth make a phone call using the burner phone that Lori gave Carter to sever the ties once and for all.

However, Lori shows no indication of giving up. David has arranged for Carter and Lori to have one last meeting, but Lori never shows up. Grant early dating christmas gifts Taylor and Carter about their mother's affair.

The girls confront Elizabeth and pressure her to admit the truth to David. When she does, he makes her move out of the house. Taylor gets stoned while hanging out with Carter, Max, and Crash.

This causes them to forget to pick Grant up from school, leading him to calling Elizabeth. Carter ends up striking a deal with David in which she allows him to write his book, "Finding Carter," which he had already written without her permission if he decides against a divorce. Later, Carter finds out that David had lied to her about how they ended things with Lori. Carter is devastated after finding out that David had already written "Finding Carter.

Taylor and Max try to take the next step in their relationship. Ofe seeks financial help from Bird after a betting mistake and she gives him one of her mother's necklaces to pawn off. When Bird's carter and max hook up notices that the necklace has gone missing, Bird blames Carter and gets her arrested. Bird soon admits the carter and max hook up and the charges are dropped, however, Crash had already bailed Carter out of jail and their whereabouts are unknown.

When Carter refuses to return home, Elizabeth sends out an Amber Alert identifying her as a kidnapping victim, with Crash listed as the kidnapper. The rest of the family is upset at carter and max hook up extreme Elizabeth is willing to go. Carter and Crash decide to destroy their phones and start living off the grid. They visit Carter's old run-down apartment where Lori has left her a phone number. Carter wants to leave a message for Lori with Max.

At the gas station, he expresses his disapproval of Crash and doesn't want her running off with him. Tired of waiting in the car, Crash barges inside with a gun and demands that Max give him all of the money in the register.

When Carter tries to stop Crash, he ends up shooting Max in the chest. Carter immediately dating someone younger reddit swagbucks to Max's side and cries out to Crash for help, but he runs off instead.

At the hospital, the Wilsons are waiting for news of Max's condition and the police show up to question Carter. She breaks down and is unable to answer. Taylor is furious and tells Carter that she has done nothing but worsen their lives since she came home.

At the end, the doctor calls the family in and Max's fate is to be determined. Max remains in serious condition and has entered into a coma.

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His mother, Karen, arrives at the hospital and the tension between Taylor and Carter worsens as Taylor is jealous of Karen's affection towards Carter and max hook up. Elizabeth is in charge of the hunt for Crash. Meanwhile, Crash has been trying to contact Carter non-stop before he leaves town.

All of her friends, especially Bird, strongly caution her against further affiliation. Still insisting that the shooting was an accident and that Crash was a good person, she decides to meet him anyway.

However, Elizabeth follows her car and arrests him.

carter and max hook up

Elizabeth and Carter have a conversation in which Carter says she thought about letting Adn leave but she knew Elizabeth would follow and that is exactly what she planned to have him arrested since she could never do that to Max.

Carter then tells Elizabeth she knows she is there to protect her and says "because you are my mom and I love you". Elizabeth overcome u; emotion says "I love you" as they hug.

Carter then reconciles with Taylor when they go in to see Max and while they are hugging his eyes start to open. When Elizabeth sees Carter with the number from her old apartment, she lets Carter and max hook up know that it's actually a postal code and they trace it to a photo center in a neighborhood that Elizabeth and David hoo, to live in. There, Carter picks up photos of her parents from three years before she was kidnapped, leading the family to believe that Lori had been their stalker for quite some time.

Lori shows up at the Wilson home under the guise of a therapist while Carter is alone and is upset that Carter believes "their side of the story," although Lori won't exactly tell her the truth. She tells Carter and max hook up to get it from David and gives her a photo of him that she supposedly took. It is suspected that Lori and David have a history, contrary to what he has told Elizabeth and Carter.

Meanwhile, Max has woken up and ukraine dating free chat it hard to come to terms with his current state of being.

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He breaks up with Taylor to not interfere with her life. When Carter finds out that Elizabeth had made plans to see her therapist, she tells Elizabeth about Lori. They arrive at the meeting location and Elizabeth tells Carter to carter and max hook up in a nearby cafe while her squad attempts to capture Lori.

However, Lori sends a drugged drink out to Carter and carries her out the back when she begins to black out. Maximilian "Max" Wagner is a main character in the series Finding Carter and max hook up. He is the ex-boyfriend and best friend of Carter Wilsonand the current boyfriend of Taylor Wilson. Max witnessed his father abuse his mother with a knife when he was a child.

As a result, his father was imprisoned, resulting in his mother raising him herself. Since Carter is a childhood friend, Max also grew up around Loriwho carter and max hook up him like her own son. Max is currently in jail for murdering Jared. Max is laid-back and friendly; he is loyal to the people he cares about.

Though David described Max as "a stoner with a slow tongue" in his bookMax is well-educated to a degree and reveals to the Wilson family he knows a few random facts; evolution and the carbon cycle are two of his favorite topics. Though he was shot by CrashMax forgave him quickly, much to the dismay of Taylor. Max explains to Taylor that he believes people can change for the better and that holding grudges is not his strong suit nor something Max likes to do.

Max aims for and prefers independence, though he cannot do his own laundry well, and has a green thumb.

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