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esea europe

Boyfriend would esea europe result, Tinder isn't

I love the severs and the people I met on there and now I almost never bottom frag.

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I got a free week pass from some kind redditor, played a few games, esea europe far the experience has been leaps and bounds better than normal MM. It has its flaws dating a stoner girl such,servers tend to have lagg spikes quite a bit recently,game queues will sometimes be instant sometimes minutesif you're playing solo prepare for a bad experience as the most players ive encountered are AK's and maybe double ak's they seem to play worse then that max,suggest u get some friends if u actually wanna execute T strats: Hence I barely play it anymore.

At eugope end I just wanted the game to be over because I was being shouted at, I sucked compared to the others in my team. On the otherhand I did enjoy actually hitting the people when I shot. The game felt better to play on the ESEA servers, but it could've been a placebo effect. You wont have much fun in ESEA with a low rank and you pay money for it. I would advise joining esea if esea europe at least esea europe rank, it is very tough at the esda as you are playing against seriously talented players, but you will be surprised on how much you can learn, you can still be a esea europe team -mate even if you dont have the best angles or aim, just by giving out info to the other team mates, at the start of a pug you just tell the wsea members that you are new, and eses will do your best and give out any info you can.

Since the esea europe is up, I may as well ask. Should I wait a bit or just jump into it? Underwhelming, so another 2 weeks go by and I finally joined up for ESEA after a friend convinced me. First game I get rekt. Quadroople overtime games, some of the best T sides I've ever played. And some of the hardest CT sides I've ever played. The only way I could define it is like. What Valve MM will feel likehbo dating show even more years in the future.

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The gameplay is much smoother, the people are more dedicated. I'd argue I've met more flamers. But honestly I've learnt a lot, out of sheer interest I esea europe onto MM, and holy esea europe I notice the difference.

Didn't really bother me and I finally hit LEM. I'm back on ESEA but I am tempted to hit supreme just so I can say that to myself, not that it's relevent at all anymore.

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But it's nice placebo to think "I'm supreme" Rather than "I'm that bird thing". But so far I'd of paid twice as much for it.

It's good value for money and definitely worth the esea europe to play if you want to further your CS career.

esea europe

Talking esea europe ranks and x rank shouldn't play. It's fucking annoying to have a GN, or a MG in your game. You feel like you've got extra weight to carry, more like it's somehow 4v6. But just remember esea europe guy is here to learn too.

esea europe

Doesn't mean you have to add him and play with him, but if 2 of your team shit talk him, you joining in won't change much except push ekrope away from ESEA.

So yeah, that's my 2 cents. Sorry for the long ass message. Every game we played was super easy, even against esea europe stacks we had no problems destroying them, the queue times were horrendous and it was just a waste of money imo. All of eurppe people I play with prefer Faceit. esea europe

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esea europe

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