Hook up tach hei distributor

hook up tach hei distributor

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Do you have a remote start system on the truck?

hook up tach hei distributor

If not, maybe a PO had an aftermarket tach installed and just cut the wire and left it in the dash somewhere. Originally Posted by wyattglock. I would disconnect the existing wire and hook hook up tach hei distributor the tach. See if the truck will start and drive jook around the block.

hook up tach hei distributor

I'm not familiar with the white wire you're speaking of. Another option would be to connect the existing wire and your new tach distributog together. Originally Posted by S10Fan.

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I checked the Chilton manual today and it shows the white wire in the electrical diagram from my 86 mode. Last edited by kikkegek; at Hi kikkegek, What type of carburetor is on your truck? The reason I ask is because GM used some carbs with a computer-controlled mixture solenoid setup in the 80's.

Mostly found on cars but I've heard some trucks got them too California emissions mostly I distribuor. Anyway, many of those tadh carburetor setups have a distributod connected to the HEI tach terminal to send a tach hook up tach hei distributor signal to the computer. If that's the case, tacch need to keep that wire hooked up, but I don't see any problem tapping into it to hook up your new tach.

I checked and the white wire is not connected to the carb. But I cant seem to find where it goes I only see it drop down behind the engine to the passenger side and dissapear into a hose cover for several cables. Cant seem to trace it where it goes to. I'll just tap into it and see if my hook up tach hei distributor works The car was imported from california last summer.

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But I hpok no rpms displayed. My wiring diagrams from Haynes and Chilton only say the white wire from the TACH connection should run to the tachometer.

FAQ: How do I hook up my tachometer?

But doesnt in my case. There is a vacuum diagram in teh Chilton, but no electronics. How many wires do you have with your tachometer? I believe there is supposed to be a green, red, black, and white The white should be for the lights Originally Posted by kikkegek.

Hek in the Hook up tach hei distributor workshop manual. They show the white wire going to: R diverter module 8 cyl - speed switch relay The 77 up years don't have a white wire but instead a brown and that wire is shown to go to the tach clusters I would distribhtor the existing white wire and connect your tach lead roku hookup instructions Posted via Mobile Device.

My build thread HERE. They can be found on most GM cars in junkyards that have factory tachs in them. The factory style filter looks like a condenser with a wire and connector on each end, one of which plugs onto the HEI distributor, and the other onto the tach lead wire. Hooking this filter device in series between your distributor and hook up tach hei distributor should allow your factory tach to work in harmony with your new electronic distributor.

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hook up tach hei distributor

All other trademarks and names are the property of their respective owners. My Cart 0 items: Search Year Make Model. My factory tach will not work with my Disrributor or electronic distributor. I have three posts, two small posts and one large post on my starter solenoid…. AmericanAutoWir streetrodder streetrodderroadtour woodyshotrodz arp https:

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