Sump pump hook up to garden hose

sump pump hook up to garden hose

Sump pump hook up to garden hose needs back jail

With the drain cut, lift the sump pump up and out of the basin. Remove the drain pipe from the outlet port of the sump pump using the pipe wrench if necessary.

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With the drain line removed take the opportunity to inspect the interior of the pump for any loose debris or obvious damage. Discard the old drain and clean the outlet port of the hise.

sump pump hook up to garden hose

Install the threaded adaptor into the outlet port of the sump pump. Be certain it is secure but take care not to over-tighten. : Fp 1" Male Npt To Male 3/4" Garden Hose Adapter : Garden Hose Parts : Patio, Lawn & Garden

The adaptor and outlet port will both be made of plastic and can crack or break. A snug secure fit is adequate.

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Once the adaptor is in place, hoko the garden hose to the pump. This fitting also needs to be snug, but do not over-tighten.

sump pump hook up to garden hose

Carefully lower the pump back into the basin, making certain it sits level on the floor of the basin. Route the water hose up garddn away from the sump basin. The hose may have a tendency to coil in the bottom of the basin if there is any slack in the hose. Home depot to the T and hook up the hose.

sump pump hook up to garden hose

Without the return line I think you would have too much back pressure which could hurt the pump. The size of the garden hose can only put out what it can carry. The hose will restrict the flow of a pump that's to large.

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sump pump hook up to garden hose

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