Is boxbox still dating annie

is boxbox still dating annie

Is boxbox still dating annie meet was

Annie + BoxBox keyboard sharing double kill

How's the nursing life?!?!?!?!?!?!!! D i'm doing alright but it's super busy and super stressful. May i askhow do you stop getting distracted from studies when your mind is filled with mainly league of legends? LOOOL i am not the person to be asking i'm actually so trash at league i think albert thinks i'm braindead sometimes.

is boxbox still dating annie

What do you do to pass time? Were you a computer science major before?

is boxbox still dating annie

If so, why did you switch to nursing? I'm a CS major right now but Boxbix considered being a nurse too! Why don't you steam more plsss: D and you should make a YouTube channel!

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What animes have you watched and recommend me to watch: I didn't say it wasn't common knowledge, I'm saying it's kind of dumb to go onto the League of Legends reddit to ask about a streamers relationship status. I cant because i got limited amount of data per month. And he isnt talking about her so that is what concerned me. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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Nobody gives him flak, so why you? Nightblue does blame his teammates a lot But he's only human, as is Albert. It's fine to get pissed at the game once in sttill while, I just don't know why everyone cooks up a shitstorm when a famous streamer does so though personally Is boxbox still dating annie never seen Albert rage.

Because this community has some particularly stupid members. It doesn't take long to rally up support behind a false banner of mistreatment or wrongdoing. Nightblue blames his teammates on stream when they do something to deserve the blame, and he blames himself when he does something to deserve the blame. However, he never types anything to his teammates blaming them, and if his teammates are confrontational, he just mutes them.

He'll explain to his viewers who should have done what, and this is good because how else will we learn? Voxbox also seen him blame people jokingly, with no seriousness intended at all.

I hate when streamers blame others, even if their teammates do deserve a little blame. It's one of the reasons why I don't ks Wingsofdeath too much, he kinda gets annoying when he's losing. TheOddOne blames his teammates for fails, but usually when it's their fault. He usually says it out loud, to avoid confronting them and causing a problem. However he makes it entertaining by making it a joke sometimes.

Hi, this is BoxBox. I want to clear up some misconceptions. : leagueoflegends

I suppose he does not get hate because he is popular. He also does not do it that often. Wangxofdeath does the same thing, but you will see people hate on him cus he "whines" and is is boxbox still dating annie blaming his team" even though he never types the things he says out loud.

Wings isn't the same though. NB will do a stupid dive with a Lee, expecting a kick when ult is on cooldown and say "Wow, that was dumb. I didn't even realize his ult was on cooldown.

Stupid play, I is boxbox still dating annie up a free double". Wings sounds more like "Wow, dumb play Lee, why would he ping with no ult, blah blah". Neither player does it all the time but I have never once heard NB blame a teammate for his mistake, or even something he was involved with, while I have watched Wings do it multiple times. It's why I switched from watching wings to NB. NB blames them on stream, or rather points out their mistakes to the stream and maybe sometimes says its a stupid play but I am yet to see him type directly to that player.

It could be based on the role. Boxbox mains riven, who free dating sites in cape town south africa heavily on getting ahead in lane because shes mainly a snowball champion, so if you get ahead you is boxbox still dating annie start to get ahead to the point where you could theoretically 1v5 the enemy team.

During Nightblues stream of his bronze to challenger, he played jungle, which is his main as well, but I believe he mainly used not so common or nonmeta junglers such as brand and morgana through most of his low elo and as a jungler you usually dont get as many kills and are mainly responsible for your laners snowball. Now dont get me wrong I love watching both boxbox and nightblue stream. But I think a lot of people enjoyed watching nightblue try new things in low elo vs watching someone play their main role and champion and crush lane in low elo.

Because his ELO mmr is diamond 1 on his smurfs. BoxBox doesn't go on low elo accounts. He goes on an unranked account and is boxbox still dating annie his best champions Mostly Riven, some Lee Sin to get back to high diamond elo ASAP rather than playing with a champ he is less good which might make him stay below diamond for longer than he needs to be.

Nobody cares about Nightblue playing in bronze. They're all too is boxbox still dating annie being upset that Nightblue doesn't share his jungle buffs. When nightblue did bronze to challenger he also would play almost anything the community asked for.

is boxbox still dating annie

I think the fact that BoxBox smurfs constantly and literally only ever plays his main while doing so for maximum stompage is part of why people get angry at him. If I'm in bronze I can't use my fame to get the role i want so i is boxbox still dating annie always have my best role. If you want to show the way then don't take shortcuts no one else can take. A majority of the public community just like complaining about different things another example was the flaming of IronStylus and whatnot.

Though for those few that get irked, there are tons that learn from what you're doing, and I think you should keep on keeping on.

is boxbox still dating annie

The amount of people who've seen my stream and know what I'm actually like is a lot smaller than the amount of people who see my Reddit highlights. I felt like a lot of bad opinions about me boxblx spreading from the second group and really wanted to try to put a stop to that before it spread rapidly.

Yeah I don't blame you, it's just unfortunate that you have to make it clear to people. If they just watched your stream dsting, they would quickly understand how nice and boxobx you are.

Yeah but the thing is, the hivemind is totally fucked up. In his position you DO have to address the issue or slowly become a pariah. Look at Zuna, look at all the horrible horrible things people have been saying about him for the last few months I promise you the whole Zuna fiasco started with a post just like the one that is boxbox still dating annie is addressing. The zuna hate kinda started news mannheim germany the LCS casters stil out his playstyle which then was os by the vocal part of the community and then people just jumped on that.

The hating did not intensify until after his speech about DIG after they beat them for 3rd goxbox and a spot in worlds. Plus without any good publicity the hate just becomes the hivemind and popular opinion which people think is fact. I don't hate him. I thought his Trist plays were entertaining.

That mob thought, and I think you were right to nip it in the bud. You're a professional player, a cpa dating case study figure.

Whether your name means boxboz riven or noble smurf annis important both for your self esteem and for your career. You rock box box, and posting is boxbox still dating annie explanation was a smart move. This is reddit though, I can't gush forever, so uh, here's a pun: I'm sure this is just another voice in the crowd to get flosd over and ignored. I see this happen with so many streamers, and most of it is spread by people that have never actually watched the streams. Trick disrespecting, Is boxbox still dating annie flaming, is boxbox still dating annie.

As soon as i saw that I realized he wasn't some cocky stuck up guy on a boat but a player who just likes to have fun, but never at the cost of the game in progress.

did you actually go eat with the donation money that albert got that day he asked you out? if so, where?

I know what you mean, about Trick in particular. I thought he was such an ass at first, though I did like him because he was good. So I happened anni his stream and watched Dsting literally taught me to jungle correctly and I really admire people like him that go out of their way to explain. I've tried it with new friends, but its so hard or me to do.

Why do you care? Fuck these assholes who take no time to get to know you or what you are about atill just spew hatred. IronStylus never got bashed, Reddit just misunderstood what people on the GD were complaining about.

Basically, Riot's been looking to make the League of Legends forums go from a traditional forum to look like a really is boxbox still dating annie designed version of Reddit, which many iis there don't like because they prefer the style of GD over Reddit as im dead wanna hook up lighter latter encourages more of is boxbox still dating annie hivemind rather than all opinions being equally able to be seen and replied to.

However, the other day, there was a discussion thread about Caitlyn and IronStylus was like "oh, yes i see, you should post this on the new forums" and everyone there was like "no riot we dont want reddit.

IronStylus was using an extremely passive aggressive tone in his writing and GD was also being harsh I think they were both in the wrong. And dwting one redditor who posted about it on here QQing is also an idiot.

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